Shopping Spree

Hi, it’s Sophie.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog!

My last post was about how I started working a few hours a week at a women’s clothing store near my university to try to pay off my first credit card. In the meantime I got a second, then a third, then even more credit cards to be able to still pay for things while paying off the first credit card.

This is a big mistake that over-spenders make. I thought since I had money coming in I could afford whatever I wanted, but I never bothered to make a budget. Also, I was just getting into more debt on other credit cards while paying off the first one. Continue Reading “Shopping Spree”

My Pathetic Attempts To Make Some Money

Hey, it’s Sophie!

I’m glad you are still keeping up with my personal story of shopping addiction. If you relate to it on any level, I hope it helps you.

In my last post, I told you how I got my first credit card in college to start building credit. The card had a very low limit, and I was mostly able to pay it off in full every month (with help from my parents). Then my car broke down, and I had to use the card to pay for some costly repairs. It maxed out the credit card’s limit, and I didn’t want to ask my parents for hundreds of dollars. Continue Reading “My Pathetic Attempts To Make Some Money”