My First Credit Card

Hey, it’s me, Sophie. Thanks for reading more of my blog about shopping addiction! In my first post, I introduced you to the idea of shopping addiction, and that is a severe problem in today’s society. I definitely feel like it does not get the attention or treatment it deserves as a real addiction because […]

My Pathetic Attempts To Make Some Money

Hey, it’s Sophie! I’m glad you are still keeping up with my personal story of shopping addiction. If you relate to it on any level, I hope it helps you. In my last post, I told you how I got my first credit card in college to start building credit. The card had a very […]

Bills, Bills, Bills

Hi, it’s Sophie. We are getting near the end of my personal story of shopping addiction. My last post was about how after graduation I bought myself a new house, a new car, and basically a whole new life, putting most of it on credit cards. Using my degree, I got a full-time job as […]

Bankruptcy And Starting Over

Hi, it’s Sophie! This post will be the conclusion to my story of shopping addiction. In my last post, I told you how I realized the gravity of my situation when my electricity was shut off because I couldn’t pay my bills. I had a good job, but the entirety of my annual salary wouldn’t […]